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The cost of a professional newborn photographer in Cornwall

Updated: Apr 24

Why are newborn photographers so expensive?

The price of a service can always be difficult to talk about. You can walk into a supermarket to do your weekly food shop and no one ever questions the price they charge, even when one shop varies from another. We all know Aldi is cheaper than Waitrose. However when it comes to a service such as photography, the price will always be questioned. I am extremely proud to say that I am an award winning newborn photographer in Cornwall. I have been photographing newborns for the last 5 years. That means 5 years of investment, training, experience, camera equipment, insurance, prop buying, marketing, and lots more.

We all value things differently and that's ok. Some people would prefer to get a second hand car that they can run into the ground, whilst others would like the newest model range rover. Some people would like the newest iPhone, whilst others are still using a phone that they have had for 10+ years. We all have different priorities with what we spend our money on. For some, photography is not a priority. For my clients and I, timeless photographs and memories is important.

You might think that a newborn session is just 3 hours, so why do newborn photographers cost hundreds of pounds? The session might only be 3 hours, but I will spend time talking to you before your newborn session, prepping and heating up the studio and getting all the props ready beforehand. Then after the session every outfit, backdrop prop etc, that has been used will be delicately washed ready for the next baby to use it. On average a newborn shoot takes me around 12 hours to edit. From the time you enquire to the moment you receive your prints, every newborn session takes around 17 hours or longer.

You deserve the best. You want to know that your baby is in safe hands. You want to know that you will receive quality, priceless images that will stand the test of time. Photography is a luxury, but it is worth every penny and more!

Most of us now have smart phones and if you're anything like me you will have thousands of photos on your phone. The quality of a phone photo really doesn't compare to a professional image. You will find it difficult to print a phone image big without losing any detail, whereas I can print 40inch photographs to the highest quality.

I really do believe that photography is the best investment that you can make as a family. Moments go by so quickly, but photographs last a lifetime. Photographs remind us what life looked like once upon a time. Don't risk your memories being lost.

I understand that everybody has different budgets, which is why I offer different products and packages to suit everyones needs. I also offer payment plans as I want everybody to enjoy the luxury of photography.

I value every single one of my clients and want you to have the best experience. I only book in a certain amount of sessions each month, as babies can be very unpredictable. they will arrive when they are ready. So don't worry If your little one arrives early or late!

Trust me when I say, the only photo you will ever regret is the one that you don't have. Soon these moments will just be memories.

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