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North Cornwall Family Photographer - Trevone Bay

Updated: Apr 24

One of my. favourite things about being a family photographer in Cornwall is being able to explore lots of beautiful locations. I have followed Jess on Instagram for a while now and have always wanted to capture her family in her home and garden. Jess is better known as Cornishwife.Cornishlife on Instagram, and has been documenting the renovation of her home in Trevone. The plan was to do the photo shoot in her stunning garden which overlooks Trevone Bay, however as soon as I parked up the rain started coming. Whilst we waited for the rain to stop we decided to have a lifestyle session, in their gorgeous home. Luckily though the rain didn't last too long, so we explored their beautiful wild flower meadow in their garden. I want to document your days, show that you were present, and capture the fun that you have with your family. Let your love shine through your family photos. Hold your little ones in your arms, whilst you still can. Remember these days like they will last forever.

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