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Celebrate your motherhood journey - Cornwall family photographer.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Motherhood is possibly one of the hardest things to describe. It is challenging, beautiful, tough, heartwarming, tiring, but ultimately the best job in the world. Nothing compares to being a mother and the rollercoaster of emotions it comes with. . There is no perfect mother, everyone has a different journey - and everyone's journey deserves to be celebrated! Maternity photography will always be special to me. It is magical to capture the connection with your family and the unconditional love that already exists for your bump. You never realise how much love the human heart is capable of until you bring children into the world. I want to document the love you have for your family, make it known how important your family are to you. Family photos make children feel loved, wanted and boosts their self confidence. Hannah, Milly and Margot have so much love for each other and their baby brother to be already! It is an honour to make your little ones know how loved they are through photography.

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