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Cornwall family photographer
Cornwall baby photographer


Baby photography is so important; within a blink of an eye your baby has already learnt something new. In the first year of your babies life, they change and develop more than they ever will again. 

Nothing beats those beautiful baby rolls, squishy cheeks, and gummy giggles!


Do you want your baby to stop growing, do you wish they could be this little forever? Unfortunately, I don't have the power to stop time, but I do have the ability to capture a moment in time - documenting it forever!


Parenthood is beautiful and every moment deserves to be celebrated.

Before you know it, your life can be changed forever. Why wait to document the most important days of your life?

I don't want you to miss a thing. Your baby will not hug you everyday until they fall asleep. They will not play with your ear while you give them a bottle of milk forever. These moments will soon come to an end and you will miss them. 

I want nothing more than your love to be captured and remembered forever. 


My baby photography sessions take place at my beautiful studio in Wadebridge, North Cornwall, which is equipped with everything you need for your session. I have a variety of beautiful props, and backdrops to create timeless images that will sit proudly in your home.


6 - 10 months is the best age for baby photography; when your little one starts to pull lots of different facial expressions and their personality begins to show. At this age, your baby can be more tolerant to strangers, making it easier to make sure your baby is happy during their photography session.

In the years to come, your baby will LOVE reminiscing through these images.


Photography is a luxury, but it is worth every penny and more!


I value every single one of my clients and want you to have the best experience.

“You can’t stop your children from growing up, but you can be present so you don’t miss your children growing up.”