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Why should I book a sitter session?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

When I talk about baby photography, everyone seems to know what a newborn session is, or a cake smash, but the best sessions are the sitter sessions! Sitter sessions, typically take place when your baby is between 6-10 months old, when they can sit confidently unaided, but aren't yet walking. Many parents plan on booking a newborn session, but often find that time runs away, and they miss the time frame to book a newborn photo shoot. The next best time to capture your baby is when they can sit up.

Here are 10 reasons why you should book a sitter session:

1. At 6-10 months old your babies personality really starts to show. They are able to interact with the things around them, and they have lots of different facial expressions.

2. Your little one isn't quite walking, making it easier for them to stay still and bribery isn't needed! It is easier to get your baby to smile when at this stage, a simple "peek-a-boo" or nursery rhyme does the trick! 3. Babies are comfortable around strangers, making it easier to keep them happy! It is said that little ones become aware of strangers at 10-12 months old, so if you book in for your sitter session before 10 months old your little one is likely to be comfortable around me. 4. Babies are constantly learning new things, it is important to document these memories.

5. It is at this time that babies always have those adorable rolls! Once they start crawling and walking all of those baby rolls will quickly disappear.

6. Sitter sessions can be very quick! Unlike a newborn session there is not any posing with sitter sessions. I have lots of props in my studio that can be used during your session, but they do not have to be in the perfect position. I just photograph your baby and their personality! 7. Your baby will change more than they ever will again in their first year, it is important to document as much as you can.

8. You have the chance to be behind the camera and not in front, I encourage parents to exist in photos, so that they have these special memories to look back on too. 9. Your baby will know how they loved they are in the years to come by looking at these photos. 10. Do you want your baby to stop growing, do you wish they could be this little forever? Unfortunately I don't have the power to stop time, but I do have the ability to capture a moment in time. Documenting it forever!

Baby Photography Cornwall

To book a sitter session, or gift one to someone you love please get in touch!

Photography With Grace is a Cornwall photographer, based in St Columb Major. I specialise in newborn, baby, and family photography.

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