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What is the best time to schedule an outdoor family photo shoot - Cornwall family photographer

When booking your family location photo shoot, there are lots of things to consider - What location? What to wear? What time of day is best? Golden hour is my favourite time to schedule outdoor sessions! Golden hour is an hour before sunset, where the light is nice and soft. Some other photographers also call it "magic" hour! During the summer months as sunset can be very late, I recommend a late nap and giving your little one a few snacks before a golden hour session. However, scheduling these shoots so late can be difficult, if you can't do an evening session, the next best time to schedule your photo shoot is the morning. I always say to my clients to book in for the earliest or latest possible time that works for them. When the sun is out, it is best to avoid shooting between 11am-4pm, due to the harsh light, causing people to squint. If a morning suits you best, I aim for around 9am, when the sun isn't too high. This is usually a great option as kids are hopefully in a good mood, and are ready to explore. Melissa's session took place at Rock beach at 9am, we were also blessed with some lovely light clouds, which has made the lighting super soft and beautiful!

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