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Twin sitter session - Cornwall baby photographer

Updated: Apr 24

Sitter sessions are so much fun, especially when you have twins! Eden and Luna joined me in the studio a few weeks ago when they were 7 months old for their sitter session. Sitter photo shoots is a milestone session in a baby's first year. This age is the best, at 6-9 months old your little one will be very interactive, and their personality begins to show. These twins definitely gave me a run for my money, you wouldn't know from these photos, but they weren't too happy on the day. Which does sometime happen, but their gallery still had 60 photographs of two happy, cheeky babies! After knowing their amazing mummy for a few years now, as soon as I found out she was expecting twins I couldn't wait to photograph them. Due to the lockdowns we couldn't schedule our planned newborn session, but a sitter session is definitely the next best thing! This session was extra special for me as their mummy is a fellow endometriosis warrior too!

They really are double the joy, and double the love! I also had the most loveliest review from Ellie, Eden and Luna's mummy!

"Grace, you were absolutely amazing with the twins, I cannot thank you enough for the amount of time, fun and professionalism you showed and put into our shoot.
I was absolutely devastated when lockdown came into effect and we knew this meant we wouldn’t be able to have any newborn photos done. However, that cloud of upset and disappointment was soon lifted when you discussed with me about a “sitter session”... Although the twins (one more than the other) could only just sit, you made it so accommodating for us to get such beautiful photos!.
It wasn’t the easiest shoot as the girls were very unsettled as it was the first time they’d left the house in 7 months but you made them feel so reassured, you made them laugh, smile and enjoy what time we had with you.
Your studio and set up was perfect, so beautiful and complimented the girls so so well. The photos were absolutely mind blowing, better than I could have ever imagined and it was so hard to decide on the final set we went for!
You are such an amazing photographer, so professional, friendly and kind and the girls and myself cannot thank you enough for your hard work, time and effort you put into our shoot! You're amazing. Thank you again.!"

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