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The first and the last times - Cornwall family photographer

Updated: Apr 24

The first time your baby learns a new thing is magical! The first time they smile, roll over, crawl, and walk. Nothing compares to the joy and pride you have, witnessing your baby develop and learn new things all the time. However nothing prepares you for the last time something happens. Sometimes you are grateful for the last time you have time to do something.

Grateful for the last nappy you have to change, or the last time you have to wipe your little ones pooey bums.

But there are some lasts that you just never want to happen. The last time your baby wants you to feed them, the last time you breastfeed, the last time you kiss your child goodnight or read them a bedtime story.

You won’t know if it’s the last time until it has happened. It is easy to wish time away, and hope that this really is the last nappy you have to change, but with one last there will soon be a last time for something else. Your little one that fully depends on you will soon be independent. I want to teach people to live in the present moment, enjoy the now! Memories need to be made everyday, capture those memories.

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