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Baby Grace's sitter session - North Cornwall family photographer

It feels strange that it is nearly the end of the year, considering we lost a quarter of it.

Let's not waste anymore time, make as many memories as possible with your loved ones, and hold them close. One day you will want to look like you do now.

Over the years one thing I have learnt is that I will never be happy with the way I look.

I always thought I was too skinny, and wanted to put on weight, and then I finally did, now I wish I could lose some!

The reason for this post is you will never be happy with the way you look, we are our worst critics, and we will always want to change something about ourselves.

Don't let this stop you from existing in photos, even if you lost that weight, you will find something else to be unhappy about.

Take that photo, exist in memories now! Here are a few images from the beautiful Livett family's session.

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