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Celebrate love, capture connection and make memories - Cornwall family photographer.

I believe that photos are the most important investment you can make as a family. Photos are lifelong, photos remind your family that they are important and they are loved, studies show that photos make a home happier! We all love going out to a restaurant for a delicious meal, or having a fun week away. However the taste of good food will only last a short while, and soon after you have gone on holiday the reality of working life quickly begins again! A family photograph is everlasting, timeless, and priceless.

Nowadays we rely so much on technology to store our photographs. How would you feel if your laptop/computer/phone/tablet broke, and everything was gone?

Moments go by so quickly, but photographs last a lifetime. Photographs remind us what life looked like once upon a time. All my packages include prints, I don't want you to risk your memories being lost! Jenny came to stay in Cornwall for a few days with her family, to visit the place where she grew up. We never know what might happen next in life, enjoy every day, and treasure every moment. This is what Jenny had to say about her family photo shoot in Port Gaverne, Cornwall: "Wow!! Thank you so much Grace! I love them all. You really have managed to capture us perfectly"

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