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Booking the right photographer for you.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Newborn photographer Cornwall
Newborn Photography Cornwall

Booking a photo shoot for your family is an investment, and there is always lots to consider when choosing the right photographer for you. Although the price is always important, there are other aspects to think about. style, location, reviews, training, customer service, packages and products they offer.

Family photographer Cornwall

Do I love their work? Can I see their images printed and displayed on my wall? Do I like their tone of voice? Have they had training? (Newborn photography training) What do I want from my photography session? Do they offer prints and products to purchase after? Are they in my price range? Have their past clients had a good service? See my reviews here:


Newborn photographer Cornwall

If you have never had professional photos taken before you may not know the price involved. Whilst it might seem that a photo shoot is only a couple of hours long, the photographer will work a lot more than just a couple of hours, and there a lots of costs to keep their business growing too. For example, a newborn session will typically take around 3 hours. Every newborn session I will arrive in my studio an hour before, giving plenty of time to heat up my studio, making sure that it is at the right temperature for the baby to arrive. Newborns are unable to regulate their own temperature and during the session I will take some modest naked photos of your baby; therefore I will make my studio nice and toasty to ensure that your little one is comfortable throughout. Newborns can never be predictable, and no one can ever tell when they are going to be most settled. Because of this I always allow plenty of time for feeding, settling, nappy changes, and cuddles during your session. Once your session is finished, I will upload all your images to my computer ready to edit, I will then spend a further 3 hours editing and perfecting your images. Around 1-2 weeks after I will arrange to meet you in my studio where you can view the fully edited photos, your viewing session will take around an hour. This is where you will choose your package, along with any wall art that you wish to purchase. I always advise for you to measure your wall space first, and think about what products you would like. Finally, I will order all of your bespoke products, and present all your prints. In total that is around 9 hours work.

As well as all my time, I wouldn't be able to do my job without all the equipment. It is important to me that I have a variety of props for each session, I do not want all my clients' images to look the same. I have a variety of different backdrop colours: pink, blue, white, mustard, ivory, and I have even more wrap colours and newborn outfits. My aim is to always work with you and achieve the vision that you have in mind. I love to add personal touches to your images, I have had a few special rainbow babies and I love to include something extra special in your images; For example the image above with rainbow coloured hearts circling little Caleb. Furthermore, newborn safety is the most important part within newborn photography. I have undergone newborn training with two amazing photographers in the UK. I would never attempt a pose without being fully trained first, the most important part of my job is to ensure that your baby is safe at all times, and I am sure you can imagine there is a big cost to all of this.

Newborn Photographer Cornwall

Before you book a photo shoot, whether that is with me or with anyone else, think about all of these things. I believe that photos are the most important investment you can make as a family. Photos are lifelong, photos remind your family that they are important and they are loved, studies show that photos make a home happier! Your family photos need to be displayed on your walls, please don't just keep your images on your phone or laptop. Print your photos, let your family see how loved and proud you are of them. Going on holiday is always a lovely memory for your family, however often these memories can be easily forgotten. Capture your memories and print them to remind your family of all the lovely things you have done together, which can never be lost. Photos are not just for the now, they are to remember these moments in the years to come, and even to show future generations. I cannot stop your little ones from growing, however I can capture these moments for you to reminisce on and display proudly in your homes.

Newborn Photographer Cornwall

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