Booking a newborn session in Cornwall during 2020, the year of uncertainty!

It is very difficult to book things for the future right now, who knows when the "non-essential" businesses can re-open, and our livelihood can return to normality. I don't think anyone can predict what might happen. I am meant to be getting married next August, and have had endless conversations about what is the best way to go forward. For now, we are just hoping for the best, and I think sometimes that is the only thing we can do. The one thing we can all agree on is we don't want to miss out on this precious time, and regret not treasuring these moments more. As new parents you will be told it all the time, but your baby really will grow and change so quickly. If you are expecting and considering a newborn photo shoot, but worried about the current restrictions here are a few things you can do: 1. Book anyway, hope for the best! If we are still in tight restrictions, this means that you will have priority as soon as I can re-open. Your baby will never be this little again, therefore even if they are older than hoped, these images will be just as precious and treasured to you! It is never too late to photograph your little one and create memories! 2. Ask to be put on my priority list. As life is so unpredictable, I understand that not everyone will want to pay a booking fee for something that at the moment cannot be guaranteed! I have therefore set up a priority list, when I can open my business those on the waiting list will have priority to book a session, just after those who have paid a booking fee, but before those who have not been in contact. This way it is a win win, you will not lose any money if you are on my priority list, but you will be first to be contacted when it is safe for me to open my studio. For now though, enjoy some photos of baby Penelope from her photoshoot just before the second lockdown. Little Penelope had so much character, and was honestly one of the happiest babies I have ever photographed!

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